Malcolm Turnbull-Clinton and the ethics of neo-cons

Malcolm Turnbull’s handling of Godwin Grech during the ute-gate farce is another example of the way that total, amoral expediency has replaced ideology in conservative politics.

The George W Bush era of American politics will be remembered for the Karl Rove-inspired notion that winning is everything; that the ends will justify the means at all times in politics.

The Howard government endured a nightmare first term in office that culminated in the loss of the popular vote. They were incompetent because the ideology they brought to government was entirely incompatible with the core values of Australian society which are less mateship and the diggers than universal health care and the right to social welfare – Australians like having a government big enough to look after them sometimes.

Having a small businessman’s zeal for the free market and gross self-interest was never going to appeal to the Australian electorate so the conservatives had a serious problem.

Cue the rise of the neo-cons in the USA with their ideology-free platform of total expediency.

The shameful “swift-boating” of John Kerry where the Republicans, those deifiers of everything military, attacked a man who had actually heard shots fired in anger at the behest of his country, contriving to have usurpers lie and defame the man, claiming he’d never actually done the things his nation had decorated him for.

That the claims were revealed as groundless bullshit was of little consequence, Bush won the election – read ‘em and weep. Ethical considerations were for limp-wristed types who should get out of the kitchen.

The party that had insisted that millions were spent pursuing Bill Clinton for his immoral co-opting of a weaker underling into giving him an in-office blow-job, saw no hypocrisy in slandering an honourable man’s reputation as long as it helped them win.

Howard’s Liberals, unable to pursue their ideology of choice, opted instead for the pursuit of election victories at any cost to their reputations and personal ethics. Winning an election by co-opting Hansonist xenophobia and encouraging it in a generation of young Australians stands a long way from any definition of liberalism, but they won the election. QED.

Howard’s was the highest taxing government in Australian history. Bear in mind that we have had federal governments in this country that actively pursued genuine socialist agendas and these still taxed at a lower rate than Howard’s Liberals. Entrenching middle-class welfare into the nation’s social structure stands in sharp, sharp contrast to any neo-classical free market ideology. But they won the election. QED.

When Howard and Costello finally attempted a bit of genuine right wing policy in Work Choices they were thrown out of office. They were right to be as cautious as they had been.

The GFC (Great Financial Cockup) has made anyone advocating for free markets and trusting wealthy businessmen as popular as a paedophile in a kiddy-pool and coincides with the Liberals apparently being lost in the wilderness and unlikely to make it back in time for dinner.

Turnbull, a wealthy businessman and advocate for free markets, saying we should trust him is not helping their cause.

He’s learning from the neo-cons now, winning is everything; it justifies any amount of rape and pillage along the way. The Liberals are again discarding their ideology and replacing it with handfuls of mud to hurl at anyone crossing their path.

Godwin Grech came offering a giant hunk of shit to throw at Rudd and Swan; if it stuck they would still stink of it come the next election. That he was a sick, socially awkward man clearly unable to stand up to the pressures his disclosure would inevitably bring down on him created something of an ethical dilemma for Turnbull.

The prospect of winning smoothed over any such concerns. He took advantage of a weak underling to get what he wanted when he wanted it. He has now attacked Grech in the wake of the auditor-general’s report into the matter.

“It is very regrettable that in doing so Mr Grech misled the opposition, the parliament and the Australian people,” he said.

Comparable to if Clinton had said: “So I’m having a snooze at my desk when this dirty bitch comes in and starts sucking my dick.”

He should’ve helped Grech, but he used him. He took advantage of someone vulnerable and no amount of spin will change that.

The Liberal party can’t sell their ideology so instead are selling themselves. “Who do you want me to be baby? It doesn’t matter to me as long as I get paid.”

Expediency uber-alles.

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