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Like a baby stillborn…

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Abbott being pisstaken by Kerry O’Brien on 7:30 had the twitterers and journos engrossed. No one else noticed.

On A Current Affair Tracy Grimshaw destroyed him with a rude superiority. She taunted and belittled, goaded him to blow up and confirm himself as an aggressive misogynist, for an audience who don’t know or care what the word means.

There was no twitter traffic about that, clever people don’t watch ACA.

I did and it was tragic to see a man who has achieved a position of real significance and stature in Australian life having to tolerate such treatment, but it sums up his still-born leadership: he isn’t in charge, he’s a source of ridicule.

He uses bizarre language –  most people aren’t fanatical or obsessive about ideas,Tony isn’t ‘theological’ about them.

He looks like a cancer patient, having obviously lost a shedload of weight. He’s fucken strange, and the public don’t like that. Grimshaw derided him as a weirdo on one of the only two current affairs shows with large audiences.

Kerry O’Brien will engage him in fierce argument and expose the inconsistencies in his policies and arguments. Tony is clever and eloquent and may perform well in that environment, but everyone who watches will already know who they’re voting for.

Tracy Grimshaw finished him, she highlighted who Tony Abbott is in the eyes of the general public.

Kevin’s a nerdy fella, but that makes sense, people understand nerds, they’ve been around them.

What the fuck is Abbott? Bloke looks like a wierdo. And that is the kiss of death in Australian public life.