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Raggamuffin and a rap battle beats Laneway festival. Easily.

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Laneway festival never took off.  There’s no better litmus test of if an event really gets going than whether the festival cockheads start ruining it.

They seemed trapped by the event’s cool reputation and the lack of FUCKIN’ PARTY! bands.  The cockheads couldn’t unleash and I couldn’t cope with the boys in matching fluro singlets and tights not shitting me – no one was comfortable.

And the sound sucked.  And it rained.  And security kept making people put their cigarettes out.

The next day however, couldn’t have been better. (more…)

Closing the Tote was a symptom of a broader disease

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

When people bought discs and tapes, fans of smaller bands cheered them on to reach a bigger audience – they spoke to us so they’d speak to other people – they deserved to break through and be heard.

When Nirvana did that it seemed like a victory for underground. The people who believed they REALLY listened to music and knew what rocknroll was about felt vindicated as the mainstream embraced grunge and a degree of alternative chic.

In Christmas 1995 I went to midnight mass with my cousins in Charters Towers then we wandered over to the town’s nightspot, Club 69, to see what was doing. It was cranking – a huge crowd was impressively drunk and there were strippers taking over the dance floor every few songs. It was appalling, but at the same time the wildness of it was pretty fucken cool. (more…)